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I have spent my entire career serving the citizens of Columbus County in various capacities and my desire is to be able to continue giving back to this community as your Sheriff.  The office of Sheriff is considered the highest law enforcement position in the County.  The Sheriff should be ambitious, transparent, confident, humble, inquisitive, passionate, proactive, and reliable.  Most importantly, the Sheriff should have integrity, dignity, and moral ethics.  I have a passion for helping others as well as making our county a safe place to live, work, and raise our families.  There is no other place that I’d rather serve than my home, Columbus County. My experience, education, training, and proven track record of positive accomplishments combined with my commitment to treat all people equally make me your best choice to serve as your Sheriff. I plan to be accessible to all people and I will be active in our communities.  The safety and well-being of every person in this county will be my top priority. Effective leaders must be able to recognize deficiencies and often make difficult decisions in order to produce positive changes.  I’m willing to go above and beyond in making the best decisions for the betterment of Columbus County as a whole.

One of my biggest goals is to bring integrity back to the office of sheriff.  Over the years, a lot of people have lost trust in the criminal justice system.  My administration will be honest, reliable, dependable, diversified, and transparent.  We will rebuild the working relationships with state and federal agencies, local fire, EMS, police departments, and other organizations that will benefit our entire community.  In addition, we must reduce the amount of violent and property crimes in Columbus County.  There has been an increase in these types of crimes over the last three years. I plan to establish a LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) program to help redirect individuals to a community-based intervention for minor narcotics and mental health issues.  Bringing back our neighborhood community watch programs is a must.  Our nation is built on the strength of our citizens and we need to work together to make our community a safer place. We must combat the drug problem in our county. My administration will take a very aggressive approach towards drug dealers and be professional in doing so.

Our children are our future and a major priority to me is ensuring our children are safe.  It is a priority that we provide and maintain certified school resource officers for all schools. We will also partner with our schools, churches, civic leaders, business owners, and community members to create programs to occupy our youth. This is crucial for the health and the future of our youth. By expanding the roles of law enforcement in our schools and communities, we can increase drug awareness at an earlier age.  We need to reach these children before drug users and dealers do.

Providing adequate coverage for over 900 square miles of territory in this County is an issue.  We must put more deputies on the streets.  It is nearly impossible to provide adequate and safe coverage with only 5-6 deputies working at a time. This number becomes less when officers become tied up with transports and other duties.  

A major concern for taxpayers is wasteful spending.  If elected as your Sheriff, I will keep the taxpayers in mind when making purchasing decisions.  Proper purchasing procedures will be in place.  My administration will utilize all resources possible to acquire necessary equipment and vehicles at little cost to the taxpayers.  In addition, by going after bigger drug dealers, a portion of the money from drug seizures can be used to purchase equipment.

I have many more goals that I will be working to accomplish if elected as your Sheriff.  I will work hard from day 1 to serve this County while upholding the Constitution of the United States, which is the foundation of law enforcement. I ask for your vote in this election, but most importantly, your prayers.

Jason A Soles

Committee to Elect JASON SOLES for SHERIFF
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